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Mole - Doña María
Mole - Doña María
Mole - Doña María
Item#: 7501003150431

Product Description
Ready to use Mole from Doña Maria. Just bring to heat and add your cooked chicken. 16.90 fl oz

About Doña Maria

More than 50 years ago, Doña Maria, along with her husband, began the company that would one day bear her name.

Doña Maria was living in the town of Potrero, an economic downturn was temporarily preventing them from managing the restaurant they had in the Progreso Hotel in Central Mexico. During this time, Doña Maria dedicated a large part of her time to develop not only various dishes and preserves, but she also wanted a formula that allowed her to prepare the right quantity of the Mole she needed for her restaurant.

A woman with vision and entrepreneurial spirit, little by little she began to position her line of products (chilies, Mexican desserts, homemade salsas, etc) with various clients in the city of San Luis Potosi.

Faced with such success, Doña Maria sought the advice of her brother in-law, Don Ignacio Hernandez del Castillo, to give her products the push they needed. He suggested to industrialize the mole making process and to register it under her name.

Not long after that, Doña Maria products began to grow and spread not only in San Luis Potosi, but also in Mexico City, Tampico, Monterrey, and some cities in Northern Mexico and the Pacific.

The kilos that were produced manually gave way to tons, thanks the implementation of electric grinders. On February 4th 1957, Don Ignacio Hernandez del Castillo, invited by his brother and sister in-law, set the last stone in the Doña Maria mole store, where a total of 100 tons of mole would be produced for the first time.

The first product made was the classic Mole Poblano in a powdered form, packed inside a cellophane bags in 50g and 250g presentations. Afterward the plant would also produce ground ancho chilies.

Well accepted for its good flavor and easy preparation, Mexican cooks forgot about the long and tedious process required to make Mole, which often resulted in less than ideal results. Doña Maria's Mole on the other hand offered a consistent preparation and a guarantee of quality and hygiene in its preparation.

It was not until 1961 when the novel formula for concentrated mole paste was devised, turning into an absolute market leader. First it was packed in 20 kilo cans, as well as 4kg and 250g jars. Adobo, Pipian as well as Mole Verde were packaged and sold using this new technique.

Doña Maria did not have any successor however, and decided to sell it off, that is how in 1969, Don Enrique Hernandez Pons (Herdez) offered to pay cash for the company and thus acquired the business. Immediately afterwards he streamlined the products sold to just mole, and proceeded to adapt the factory installations to meet the necessary sanitary and quality standards, as well as to meet Herdez standards. The Doña Maria brand did not only become a national leader, but also crossed borders to become the world leader in Mole.

Just as other greats in history, Doña Maria has transcended time and space, transforming and adapting products to satisfy the needs of customers.

Mole Doña Maria

Mole listo para servir. Solo caliente y añada su pollo cocido. 500ml

Desde hace mas de 50 años, Doña Maria mantiene su apego a la tradicion y autenticidad de ingredientes para preparar los platillos mexicanos.

Por esta razon, las amas de casa de nuestro pais siguen siendo fieles al autentico mole, que ademas, les regala siempre un practico vaso: el Mole Doña Maria.

Este mismo cuidado en la seleccion de chiles, granos, semillas y condimentos, se nota claramente en los otros tres productos de la linea: el Mole Verde, el Pipian y el Adobo, que apmlian el abanico culinario de la mujer mexicana practica, moderna... y que le gusta guisar sabroso.


Agua, Mole (chiles, aceite vegetal comestible, pan tostado, azucar, ajonjoli, cacahuates, sal yodada, canela, cacao y especias), azucar y caldo de pollo.

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